Liquidity Mining Program end November 1st, 15:00 PM (UTC)


We are excited to announce the BLVKHVND Liquidity Mining Program. As we continue to build towards community ownership of BLVKHVND, creating liquidity for HVND via the community is an important step. To do this, we worked with Forefront to stand up our LP site and guide.

BLVKHVND will allocate 10,130 HVND from the treasury for this program that will get distributed to HVND/ETH Uniswap V2 liquidity providers over a period of 60 days, starting at 16:30PM on Sept 3rd, 2021 (EST Time).

The program is designed to further bootstrap HVND liquidity by giving the community an opportunity to earn rewards for providing liquidity to our current Uniswap pool, not for speculative purpose.

The reward will be distributed proportionally to the amount of liquidity each person provides. i.e. if you provide $4,000 worth of liquidity ($2,000 HVND & $2,000 ETH) and there is a total of $100k liquidity in the HVND-ETH pool, for 10 days, then you are entitled to 10% of the distribution over that period.


  • The program will start on September 3rd, 2021, 16:30 PM EST time.
  • The reward is available for HVND/ETH Uniswap V2 pool Liquidity Providers, shared proportionally to the staked amount;
  • Users will be able to stake, accumulate, unstake and claim their rewards directly at will. There are no lockups on staked tokens.
  • The liquidity mining program will run for 60 days, Subsequent liquidity mining programs will be determined by HVND holders and community members.

Steps to Provide Liquidity to HVND/ETH Uniswap V2 Pool & Staking the LP token on BLVKHVND Staking Platform

Liquidity Mining Program end November 1st, 15:00 PM (UTC)

Make sure you have enough HVND and ETH to add to the liquidity pool.

Visit HVND/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap V2

Connect your web3 wallet to uniswap.

Input the amount of ETH or HVND that you would like to provide (Uniswap requires 50/50 amount for both assets).

Click Approve HVND to grant uniswap permission to receive your tokens.

Once the transaction is approved, Click Supply, this will add the ETH and HVND to the liquidity pool. Once confirmed you will receive a LP token, that represents your position in the pool.

Using the same wallet your previously provided liquidity, Visit BLVKHVND Staking Platform, Click Connect Wallet to unlock your web3 wallet;

You must be part of the whitelisted addresses to participate in the LP Mining Program.
You must be part of the whitelisted addresses to participate in the LP Mining Program.

Click Approve Staking to grant the staking contract the permission to use the LP tokens. Once the transaction is confirmed, click Stake and input the amount of LP tokens you would like to supply for staking then approve the transaction;

Once done, you should be able to see the token reward dripping on the staking section of the page.

Enjoy and share with your friends ✨


BLVKHVND tokens hold no inherent value. It is meant to be used for governance, our campaign initiative (storytelling), use of our game assets, and curation. BLVKHVND does not recommend purchasing HVND tokens for speculative investment purposes. Do Your Own Research - D.Y.O.R


Any questions reach out on Discord #support channel.

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