Heavy is the $HVND Crowdfund

The crowdfund has ended! Special thank you to all of our backers. All tokens from the crowdfund have been claimed at this time. Our next post will cover details related to tokenomics, governance, and our first Season of programming.

The Future of BLVKHVND is now.

While our first iteration taught us a lot about the culture around streaming, what it means to create content, how to build support around your play style, and how to create unique branding—v2 of our org will lean into the ecosystems of Web3. Not only are we now able to empower and support any player, coach, content maker, staff, or anyone within our organization, we can ensure that value is fairly distributed amongst everyone involved.

Our goal is to become the formative gaming organization powered by a community of gamers, creatives, and fans to have fun, learn, and build together while earning in the process. With this crowdfund, we are taking a big first step to executing that vision.

More on our vision of Building a Decentralized Gaming Community.

Welcome to the $HVND.

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place


We are seeking a 100 ETH softcap raise with stretch goals leading to a 500 ETH hardcap. Below will breakdown how the funds will be allocated and how we intend to build a self-sustaining gaming community. With the funds added to our treasury supported by Gnosis Safe, over the next several months we will design roles and budgets to kickstart community support and participation. We’ve looked to our friends at FWB for insight into building sub-committees and governance.

The crowdfund ends when the timer runs out of the Patron podium.

100 ETH initial allocation

  • 90% goes to the BLVKHVND Project
  • 5% goes to the NFT artist
  • 5% goes toward BLVKHVND community at large

We will use 90% of the amount raised to put towards the BLVKHVND project.


These funds will go toward the core team of project managers, web developers, streamers, players, artists and strategists working directly on the project. Other costs include player stipend, game resources, and technical support. We intend to save a portion of these funds to act as the seed money in standing up the HVND(dao) once this initial phase of the project is complete (more on that below).

Part of the allocation will be used to budget toward development resources. These include streaming equipment, new streaming overlay systems, website for BLVKHVND, branding refresh, and discord + social media.

Part of the allocation will be used toward the acquisition of gaming resources. These include card packs for Parallel, Axies + AXS for Axie Infinity, and team jerseys for comp play (more on this below).

The last part of the allocation will be used toward player and team building. To compete, we need a competent team of players we can train and play with. The best team comps require cohesiveness, game sense, cooperation, discipline, and excitement. Not only do we need to recruit players, we also need analysts and coaching staff (more on this below).

5% will go directly to the artists who created the BLVKHVND visuals.

The remaining 5% will go directly to our early set of BLVKHVND supporters who raided our channels when we first started. Who gave us advice on how to stream and build consistency. Those of whom shouted us out on social media to give us more looks with our content — giving back is the key and we would not be in the position to build the future of eSports without them. In a special split (to be set up after the crowdfund is completed), we will personally onboard our supporters with a crypto wallet to receive $HVND and ETH.

Stretch Goals

ETH we raise on top of the 100 ETH goal will be put toward bolstering our treasury to budget for larger opportunities for the BLVKHVND community and the greater eSports industry. The more that is contributed now, the more resources we have to build a more equitable gaming culture. The proposed goals are as ambitious as our initial crowdfund; our intent is to build out this framework over the next 6-9 months.

  • @125 ETH → Enables greater quality of stream setups for our players, content creators, and main org accounts. Presentation through strong brand and production increases engagement and visibility. We want to be the shining example of decentralized gaming, we cannot slack in our appearance.
  • @175 ETH → More funds toward player recruitment and development and expansion of BLVKHVND staff. We hope to activate many potential players to represent our community. Part of our mission seeks to allow teams to form organically based on collective talents.
  • @250 ETH+ → Gives us significant funds in the $HVND treasury enables aggressive pursuance of NFT acquisition required to play certain games such as Axie Infinity and Parallel TCG. Our current focus for this crowdfund is to complete the Parallel Special Edition Card Sets: PD52 + PS15, and the Logo Card Backs.

Stretch Goal Alpha: Parallel Asset Acquisition

From the time of our initial announcement post in July, Parallel were days before the release of their first Pack Drop of 52 Playable Cards, Card Collectibles, and Assets like Prime Keys and Masterpieces. Within that 2 week period, they experienced exponential growth in card value and community. Parallel is spreading like a wildfire that even VCs have jumped into the fray to collect what seems to be the most anticipated Trading Card Game ever.

So where does that leave us?

Well, we had initially wanted to allocate 30 ETH to capture all playable cards and assets prior to the pack drop and now to complete just playable cards, we need a lot more ETH. Thankfully, we’ve acquired a great deal of the playable cards, but the high ticket items still require a call for help!

Here’s what we have:

  • We have all PD52 non-SE (donated from the core BLVKHVND team)
  • We have 41/52 PD52 [SE] (donated from the core BLVKHVND team + iamcrowne)
  • We have 4/13 PS15 [SE] (donated from the core BLVKHVND team)
  • We have 10/13 PS15 non-SE (donated from the core BLVKHVND team)
  • We have 1 Prime Key (donated from the core BLVKHVND team)

Here is what we need:

What we're aiming for. We're confident we can at least raise enough to finish the PD1 SE, PS15, and PD1 Card Backs.
What we're aiming for. We're confident we can at least raise enough to finish the PD1 SE, PS15, and PD1 Card Backs.


  • Soleia, Disciple of Gaffar
  • Eye of Galli (day)
  • Gaia's Call (day + night)
  • Pocket Dimension (night)
  • Nucleotic Synthesizer
  • Reality Manipulator
  • Void Crystal (inactive)
  • Amperage
  • Repurposed Hardware (day)
  • Lancer Tank


  • Archivist's Pride
  • Revitalizing Growth
  • Artillery Volley
  • Neutron Bomb
  • Orbital Strike
  • Aurora Fungi
  • Kethtrexamine
  • Cytokinesis
  • Gaffar's Peace Pipe


  • Archivist's Pride
  • Revitalizing Growth
  • Aurora Fungi

PD1 Card Backs

  • Marcolian Logo Card Back
  • Kathari Logo Card Back
  • Shroud Logo Card Back
  • Universal Logo Card Back
  • Augencore Logo Card Back

To complete all three parasets, we need 458 ETH. Our goal is to realistically raise 150 ETH to acquire PD1 SE, PS15 + Logo Backs.

If we fall into the graces of generous holders to gift us or loan us cards, then the remainder of the ETH will be put toward the HVND treasury giving us room to build our staff and build content for the Parallel community.

With your help, we can strategically acquire all playable cards, and overtime collect all assets, and masterpieces so our team can have the best arsenal for competitive play AND build passive income for the entire community. From our team’s initial investment and participation in the pack drop, we’ve spent 10 ETH for a current card deck hovering around 745 ETH in current value. From where we stand, Parallel is our first indicator of gaming assets as a source of realized value for our community treasury and it will only increase as the game releases more content.

We are VERY bullish on Parallel as a game and an ecosystem to develop a crypto league enabling more opportunities to reward our community with exclusive, rare cards, passive income from masterpieces, token + salary rewards for staff, training, and broadcast related work, and more.

Contribute with ETH

  • Receive $HVND and all perks relevant to the crowdfund
  • Can borrow cards from the HVND treasury
  • Receive profit share from Parallel Tournament earnings, asset consolidation, card sales, and increased passive income from masterpieces.

Contribute with Card Loan

  • Receive $HVND for lending cards.
  • We “borrow” them and pay interest in $HVND
  • Potential to buy card with $HVND
  • We get the benefit of playable cards to round our deck with reduced up-front cost

Contribute with Card Donation

  • Receive $HVND
  • Receive profit share from Parallel Tournament earnings, asset consolidation, card sales, and increased passive income from masterpieces.
  • Commemorative NFT
  • Stream Asset viewed on all Parallel Streams

NFT Tiers (The initial pledge)

All crowdfund pledges will earn $HVND tokens. These tokens will act as your entry into the BLVKHVND community, while a minimum of 100 $HVND will give you access to the HVNDdao. The HVNDdao grants larger voting rights, special twitch privileges, a unique NFT based upon your contribution level, as well as access to earn $HVND through active participation.

For NFTs, there are 3 tiers with three evolved NFTs for the top three highest contributors of the crowdfund.

  1. The Controller (HVND of GOD): 1 of 1. Awarded to the 1st place backer.
  2. Eternal HVND: 1 of 1. Awarded to the 2nd place backer.
  3. Ascendant HVND: 1 of 1. Awarded to the 3rd place backer.
  4. Golden HVND: Edition of 100. Secured at 1 ETH.
  5. Silver HVND: Edition of 250. Secured at 0.3 ETH.
  6. Bronze HVND: Edition of 1000. Secured at 0.1 ETH.
3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.


All NFT holders + holders of at least 100 $HVND will be eligible for the following rewards:

  • Custom Twitch Announcement Animation
  • Custom Twitch Badge
  • Custom Twitch Emoji
  • Special Discord Channel
  • Yearly Merch Drop
  • Twitch Subscription

All $HVND holders will be able to participate in governance who vote to approve changes to the DAO through Snapshot and engage with our governance channel. Any $HVND holder is eligible to vote on changes.

Rewards, Earnings, Governance at a Glance

All $HVND members will be able to participate in rewards based upon competitive play earnings. We will hold a snapshot in September to vote on a structure that is fair for our teams, treasury, and token holders. Outside of comp play rewards, members will receive revenue share from physical/digital content, IRL events, NFT sales, and more. All decision making will be governed by DAO members.

For folks who have invested significant sums, their votes will be weighted down through a quadratic voting process through Snapshot to ensure everyone's votes are considered and creates a more fair voting process. Voting on our treasury begins in November to discuss how the rest of $HVND will be decided. While an uncapped token model is unorthodox, our initials goal in asset allocation and infrastructure insure that holders of large amounts are in it for the long haul, as their initial capital makes it possible to scale and bring about a larger community of talented people.

More details will be released after the crowdfund.

Roadmap Fall 2021

The current roadmap for BLVKHVND charts out the next 4 months in the form of a SEASON. Each season is 4 months long making room to experiment and build on top of what the community responds too. These SEASONS will be centered around events and experiences with the aim of building community around gaming, art, and entertainment. All viewers and participants can expect to see similar concepts to that of a “battle pass” except instead of in-game rewards, we have redeemable physical/digital rewards and experiences!

Looking ahead, SEASONS will introduce emphasis on esports league development, pipelines for creatives to work in gaming industry, and product development for studios.

SEASONS are 4 months long, making room to experiment and build on top of what the community responds too.
SEASONS are 4 months long, making room to experiment and build on top of what the community responds too.

SEASON ONE (to end of year)

  • August 2021 → Deployment of crowdfund initiative, player registration form, acquisition of game assets for Axie Infinity + Parallel.
  • September 2021 → Full website for BLVKHVND, branding updates, Twitch Stream Asset rework, and player reveal announcements.
  • October 2021 → BLVKHVND Monster Mash Open Invitational Tournament (hosted by BLVKHVND, broadcasted on Twitch + YouTube).
  • November 2021 (end of Season 1) → Governance vote on a competitive play pay structure that is fair for our teams, treasury, and token holders. Recap of Tournament and disbursement of rewards to $HVND members and viewers.
  • December 2021  → $BALM Protocol for Asset Borrowing. We are interested in building a more inclusive and approachable means to acquire playable assets for the best crypto-native games. More on this in the coming weeks.

Redefining ESPORTS?

At BLVKHVND, we’ve competed in leagues before. From GameBattles, MLG, Halo League, CDL, Pokemon, League of Legends, EVO, smash.gg....we know what it means to play at a high level. We also know how fragmented and frustrating competitive leagues are as it relates to game interest level, lack of a player’s guild, high churn, team breakdowns, etc. Based upon our collective experiences, we believe that there is a better way to create a competitive ecosystem where everyone wins.

Our formative longterm goal is not to become just one of the best and innovative esports organizations, but to become player advocates and league developers. We shouldn’t just compete, we can create. By supporting us, we can create a flourishing esports environment for casual, amateur play AND pro level players.

Through web3, a community structured like BLVKHVND can develop collective upside for all members because of shared goals and aligned incentives. As such, the greatest opportunity is in building trust that through active participation and investment, that you will be rewarded.

Let’s not play the game, change the game.

Special Thanks:

  • ATM + UnhappyHank for the NFT visuals.
  • FWB for charting the path for tokenized communities.
  • The folks at Parallel and Axie Infinity for giving feedback and encouraging this initiative.
  • The BLVKHVND crew for making the leap into crypto.
  • Our discord community that has supported us since our inception.

Join the BLVKHVND community:

Our Discord is open to all. With our upcoming crowdfund, we will create a token-permissioned ecosystem that add a new set of tools and channels for the community to participate in.

Our Twitter will in conjunction with the Discord drop important announcements and info related to the BLVKHVND community.