Last week, we launched the “Heavy is the HVND” crowdfund to raise capital for our decentralized gaming community and competitive teams. To great success, we raised over 337 ETH ($1M~) through a combination of NFTs and contributions. For the backers that purchased our NFT tiers, “HVND OF AFFLUENCE”, we wanted to reward them with a special edition version that is not only more trackable within secondary markets like OpenSea, but is deployed with our own custom smart contract.

Last Sunday, we captured a snapshot of 236 addresses that owned the original HVND OF AFFLUENCE and wanted to do batch airdrops through our multisig. At the same time, there were a multitude (and a continued wave) of NFT drops from The Hundreds, to LOOT, and everything in between causing a huge sustained spike in gas cost. We thought about what to do, and decided to delay the airdrop in the hopes things would calm down significantly enough for us to deploy our airdrop. \n \n At the same time, in collaboration with Mirror, we worked to build a custom contract with their platform that would allow folks to claim the airdrop—it would just take a few more days. Now, that it’s Thursday, post hurricane for us northeast folks (NYC, Philadelphia, etc), we have the token ready to be claimed. \n \n Your NFTs should be viewable on OpenSea shortly after receiving them. We are currently updating the metadata on our contract’s profile page.

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