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BLVKHVND — dSports Organization

BLVKHVND — dSports Organization

BLVKHVND (Black Hand) is a decentralized (e)Sports gaming community centered around competition, culture, and media.
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At BLVKHVND, our mission is to be at the epicenter of gaming, esport, and culture. But to get there, we need more than a name, we need more than wins, we need image. What’s in a brand that you can wear?
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BLVKHVND aims to tell a comprehensive fictional narrative story about the HVND. As such, each year (in current form) is a narrative arc spanning three seasons. These seasons build on each other providing LORE scattered throughout NFT drops, community events, and other immersive experiences. Story content is available for members and non members alike.
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Scouting Combine Countdown + Community Vote

Over the past few weeks, we have gathered the most requested games for the combine event leading up to out bid to compete in several tournaments next year. For more information related to our Combine and our Initial Game announcements, please check out our post here:
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BLVKHVND 2021 Scouting Combine

As we approach the end of the 2021, BLVKHVND is excited to announce the start of our Scouting Combine! This year, we’ll be inviting 50 players (of various skill levels) to try out for our HVNDpro and Amateur teams to train and compete for our roster of games next season. We hope that through this method, we will be able to discover and bring raw talent into the spotlight. We encourage you to apply if you are interested in playing for a global community, curious about crypto, and want a new opportunity to not just play the games you love, but to change them.
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Last week, we launched the “Heavy is the HVND” crowdfund to raise capital for our decentralized gaming community and competitive teams. To great success, we raised over 337 ETH ($1M~) through a combination of NFTs and contributions. For the backers that purchased our NFT tiers, “HVND OF AFFLUENCE”, we wanted to reward them with a special edition version that is not only more trackable within secondary markets like OpenSea, but is deployed with our own custom smart contract.
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We are excited to announce the BLVKHVND Liquidity Mining Program. As we continue to build towards community ownership of BLVKHVND, creating liquidity for HVND via the community is an important step. To do this, we worked with Forefront to stand up our LP site and guide.

BLVKHVND Season One: Becoming a DAO

BLVKHVND is a dSports gaming organization powered by a community of gamers, creatives, and fans to have fun, learn, and build together while earning in the process. Earlier this week, we launched the “Heavy is the HVND” crowdfund initiative to raise funds standup our HVND DAO and aggressively acquire assets of the most anticipated crypto-native trading card game Parallel before their card holding snapshot. We could not have been more lit. Within the first 1 minute we reached our funding goal of 100 ETH. Within hours, we eclipsed 200 ETH. In the final stretch, we ended with 337.75 ETH—a $1m seed round.